A NorthWest Cardio Diagnostics ultrasound technician showing a patient the medical imaging of their ECG and carotid ultrasound.

North West Cardio-Diagnostics three Calgary clinics are digital paperless ultrasound labs specializing in echocardiography, carotid ultrasound and research studies.

NWCD provides accurate professional reports to the referring physician by the next business day while providing the patient with a pain free experience.

North West Cardio-Diagnostics is committed to accommodating urgent cases on a day to day basis responding to the patient’s needs and the referring physician’s request.

We now offer 12-lead Electrocardiograms.

Mission Statement

North West Cardio-Diagnostics are ultrasound multicenter clinics specializing in echocardiograms, carotid ultrasound and research providing supportive timely patient care for the diagnosis and follow up of cardiovascular disease.